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Welcome to RMG Books and library. It now includes a new two book chronicle that begins withOnce Upon a Crossroad, (with a five-star review), and concludes with A Matter of Time. They share the story about the life, times, and affairs of Erich Mauer, a single father trying to stay afloat during the trying times that were the early 1970s. The settings are New York, suburban Connecticut, and eventually the rural Northeast. It’s there that Erich’s career and romantic prospects begin to show promise.

Next is Reflections, my memoir that begins in rural Indiana, and continues after high school with time in the Navy, followed by earning a business degree. It’s then a recitation of years of corporate life with major companies based in Los Angeles and New York, serving as a bank officer in south Texas, calling Barcelona and Luxembourg home for twenty-six years, and finally retirement in San Antonio. 

Then there are two books produced from manuscripts drafted by my late friend, Paul Lanier. The Guardsman of Murray Hill is a set of delightful vignettes that tell the stories of unique patrons and singular happenings that come about at a “saloon” in New York’s Murray Hill neighborhood. The second book, A Novice’s Guide to Entertaining, focuses on ways to entertain but with preparations in place so that a host can spend time with guests and not in the kitchen. For those who entertain regularly, it offers plenty of useful ideas. 

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