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Hello and thanks for stopping by RMG Books. What you’ll find here is my trilogy that begins with A Season of Transitions, continues with Labyrinth of Extremes, and concludes with But One Bridge to Cross. It’s a chronicle of the life and times (and romances) of Cam Gordon, a single father trying to keep things together during the hard times that were the late 60s and early 70s. The settings are suburban Connecticut, New York, and central New England—where the story comes to a happy ending at the bridge Cam will finally cross.

The other books were drawn from manuscripts originally drafted by my late friend, Paul Lanier. The Guardsman of Murray Hill is a set of vignettes that tell the stories of the people and events that are a part of the Guardsman, a “saloon” in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York City. In the Novice’s Guide, Paul shares his secrets about how to host an event and still spend most of your time with your guests and far less of it in the kitchen.


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