R.M. Gibson

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R. M. Gibson was born during the twentieth century’s Great Depression and raised on a small Midwestern farm. After high school, he served on a minesweeper during the Korean Conflict before graduating from the Indiana University School of Business. He then began a long professional career, one that started with his having worked for the company in Downey, California that built the Apollo spacecraft. In the late sixties, he moved east and made a daily commute into New York. It was there that he had management responsibilities with major companies. By the mid-seventies, he’d settled in Massachusetts and changed careers. Nearly a decade later, he relocated to south Texas and served as an officer in the largest privately held bank in the state. He and his educator wife, Sandra, then emigrated to Europe in 1986 and lived in both Spain and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg until 2012. They now call south Texas home.

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